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‘The exemptions didn’t. Reflect the agency’s charge to protect public health but instead reflected the agency’s very own policy decisions relating to balancing the relative importance of protecting public wellness with ensuring the economic viability of certain sectors,’ added Justice Renwick. Basically, as it happens to be written, the soda ban appears to be not really much about protecting public health actually, but rather about furthering the passions of some industries at the expense of others. The appeals courtroom recognized this inherent double standard, and chose that it cannot stand in its current form.‘Whenever we discuss our institution’s part in transforming health care, we mention such luminaries as Dr often. Wilder Penfield, Sir William Dr and Osler. Maude Abbott who have helped place the MUHC on the world map,’ observed the Hon. Arthur T. Porter. ‘These pioneers’ contributions to medication will always be emblematic of our rich heritage but today I would like to underscore another element of their impact, specifically how they and all those who have followed within their footsteps inspire fresh generations to pursue excellence. Dr. Gold is one of these remarkable individuals. I am honoured to call him both a colleague and a pal.’ Dr. Gold was born in Montreal and offers remained faithful to his native city for most of his life.