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Practiced for nearly 5000 years, the body can be conditioned by emphasizing the strengthening of the mind and body gradually, at the same time stimulating the soul – it really is both a research and a philosophy. Yogini and Yogi make reference to male and feminine practitioners of yoga exercises respectively. In practice that is an applied technology of the body and mind in fact it is part of the six orthodox systems that make up Indian Philosophy... Astellas to provide positive AGS-1C4D4 stage II data in metastatic pancreatic cancer at ASCO 2011 Astellas Pharma Global Advancement, Inc., a subsidiary of Astellas Pharma Inc. Based in Tokyo, Japan, today announced that it will be presenting data from a stage II study analyzing AGS-1C4D4 in metastatic pancreatic cancers in a poster program at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2011 Annual Achieving in Chicago. The study was conducted at Agensys, Inc., a member of the Astellas global group of companies, which is developing a solid pipeline of therapeutic completely human monoclonal antibodies to take care of solid tumor cancers.