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Are flame retardants poisoning Calif.

Cover or replace any uncovered carpeting padding or foam pads on home furniture or car seats. The study, which involved 264 kids in California and 283 in Mexico, april 15 in the journal Environmental Wellness Perspectives was published online.. Are flame retardants poisoning Calif. Kids? What explains the high degrees of flame retardants showing up in some children in California? One possibility is exposure to house dust, state the authors of a new research showing that Mexican-American kids living in the condition had degrees of polybrominated diphenyl ethers seven times higher than the amounts seem in similar kids living in Mexico. PBDEs are found in a range of consumer products, including the foam padding in furniture, carpeting pads, and crib mattresses, HealthDay reported.We’re honored to be the 1st West Coast study site for the USF College of Nursing’s ART study. We hope our relationship will help get the term out to those that can take advantage of the study. Artwork is among the five sub-studies of the USF University of Nursing’s Study to Rehabilitate/Restore the Lives of Veterans, Services Members and their Families grant funded and administered by the U.S. Army Medical Study and Materiel Order and the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center at Fort Detrick, MD.