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Are women set up for failure?

Are women set up for failure? Leadership positions in business are actually precarious for women cialisprix.net . Feminine business leaders will be appointed to effective leadership positions when a business is definitely in crisis or high-risk circumstances. Researcher Dr. Michelle Ryan, who is publishing her analysis in a forthcoming problem of Psychology of Ladies Quarterly, proposes that this scenario of the glass cliff extends to the political arena.

The increased threat of premature loss of life – most from heart disease – persisted even following the experts controlled for smoking, being overweight, and other risk elements. But what explains the link? Alpa Patel, an epidemiologist with the American Tumor Culture, said in a written statement. The consequences include irregular cholesterol and sugar levels, high blood pressure and other so-called biomarkers of coronary disease. Read even more about the study.. AreYou Sitting Down? It Could Kill You A new study implies that staying seated for long periods shortens your daily life span. Don’t believe you’re exempt because you take care of yourself.