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Assembly has a study collaboration with Indiana University and has research services in San Francisco led by co-founder also, vice president of R&D and chief medical officer Uri Lopatin, MD, who led HBV programs at Gilead Sciences and Roche Pharmaceuticals previously. Current HBV remedies have cure rates of only 3 to 5 percent, and so are not curative for the vast majority of patients thus, said Derek Small, co-founder and executive chairman of Assembly Pharmaceuticals. Our HBV drug candidates modulate the viral primary protein. By altering the core protein's features across multiple stages in the viral existence cycle, Assembly's novel therapies possess the potential to permanently clear the virus.CMS Administrator Don Berwick said the center will encourage a ‘connection between protection and coordinated care’ . ‘It may be the most important provision in health reform law actually, because the ability to improve care and reduce cost development is the essential to making health reform sustainable,’ said Stuart Guterman, vice president of the scheduled system on Payment and Program Reform in the Commonwealth Fund. But the new rules provides unprecedented authority – – and funding – – to accomplish more .