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.. Assurant Employee Benefits presents nation’s largest dental care PPO network for second consecutive year It's official. Assurant Employee Benefits offers the nation's largest dental PPO network for the next consecutive 12 months. The Assurant Teeth Network is the largest PPO network with more than 100,000 unique dentists, relating to Ignition Group'september 2013 Netminder survey s. Assurant Employee Benefits' dental network provides people with an expanded selection of in-network dentists that can help lower claim costs which helps to reduce out-of – pocket expenses and improve customer satisfaction. Good oral health is a key component to overall health. That's why we've made a network that allows employers and their workers more choice with regards to choosing their dentists, said John Roberts, president and chief executive officer of Assurant Worker Benefits.The new modernized OCT platforms deliver clinical and workflow solutions that span the spectral range of care and address specific workflow and practice needs. The new CIRRUS family offers a selection of high-quality ZEISS OCT clinical solutions for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and retinal disease across all degrees of care, from comprehensive practices to advanced subspecialty practices, says Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Practitioners can now reap the benefits of diagnostic and workflow solutions that are tailored designed for the amount of care they offer, their practice workflow and their case load volumes. The brand new category of OCT products enables more practitioners to offer patients a high level of care and to tailor their investment with their workflow and practice needs.