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But University of Leeds experts have discovered that a motor protein.

The extensive analysis, funded by BBSRC, is certainly published in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .. Ancient protein myosin 2 offers clues to killer condition More than 600 million years of evolution has taken two unlikely distant cousins – turkeys and scallops – down completely different physical paths from a common ancestor. But University of Leeds experts have discovered that a motor protein, myosin 2, remains structurally identical in both creatures. The discovery suggests that the tiny motor protein is a lot more essential than previously believed – and for humans it could even hold a key to understanding possibly fatal conditions such as aneurisms.Brain vocabulary structures altered in individuals in genetic risk for schizophrenia By Tag Cowen, Senior MedWire Reporter Mentally healthy people with a family group history of schizophrenia screen alterations in mind areas connected with language, US experts report. The results, published in Schizophrenia Analysis, claim that such alterations could be trait markers connected with genetic vulnerability to schizophrenia, instead of specific markers caused by processes underlying advancement of the mental wellness disorder.