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Capzule and Accent iPhone applications for physicans Webahn.

Capzule and Accent iPhone applications for physicans Webahn, Inc. Announces the start of two fresh iPhone Apps for doctors. Capzule for its online Electronic Medical Records support Capzule.com and Accent, a voice recording program, for its online transcription program OvernightScribe.com. Capzule allows physicians to gain access to patient information instantly, while from the clinic. It also has the capacity to send messages, add notes, prescribe medications and compose orders. Iqbal Boxwala, M.D. Of Hematology and Oncology Consultants, P.C., a mixed group practice of seven doctors situated in Royal Oak, Mich.Blueprint expects to initiate scientific trials for these applications in 2015. ‘The Blueprint team is certainly aggressively advancing our pipeline of selective, defined product candidates genomically,’ stated Alexis Borisy, president and interim ceo of Blueprint Medications. ‘Given our strategy of selective substances to clear genomic motorists, with the resources supplied to us through this funding, we are able to progress in to the clinic and quickly establish clinical proof-of-idea in well-defined individual populations. These product applicants will be developed as solitary agents in late-stage and resistant patient populations, and in mixtures with other targeted brokers and modalities in previously lines of therapy.’.

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