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We are a group of people that feel that the unique nature of Te Arai Beach and its surrounds should be conserved for our enjoyment and for the enjoyment of future generations.

At present this is under threat due to a proposed development that will see 180 houses, offices and shops. more…

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10 April 2014 – AGM 2014
Annual General Meeting to be held Saturday 24 May 2014 4pm at the Mangawhai Domain Hall. Notice is here.

15 November 2013 – Developers plan change approved
We are disappointed but not overly surprised that Auckland Council has given the initial go ahead to Te Arai Coastal Lands Trust for their plan change to have a development of 46 lots at Te Arai. We have a whole new Council environment, and unfortunately the whole flavour of these hearings was very pro the plan change. The commissioners even went against the advice of Council’s own ecologists who said that: “There is a high risk that any land use change at Te Arai could contribute to the extinction of the Nationally Critical fairy tern or lower the chances of this species expanding its breeding range along the Te Arai coast.” So the fight to save Te Arai goes on! This is just the first step in the process, and we will now be considering whether we should challenge the decision in Environment Court. Unfortunately that takes a lot of money – so please become a member or donate if you are able.

25 October 2013 – Water Take and Earthworks Resource Consent Court Case
This week we were in (Environment) court again to contest the golf course Resource Consent application. We argued (and the judge agreed!) that the resource consents shouldn’t be done piece-meal but for what the end result will be ( a golf course and associated buildings) rather than just water and earthworks. This was a huge win – the developers had to scramble to come up with conditions that might satisfy the judge (and us). We await the judges final decision.

18 October 2013 – Developers witdraw club house resource consent
Today the developers withdrew a consent they were seeking to create a club house, other buildings and a car park. We think this is just so they can’t be held accountable for it when we are in court next week (as we will be asking the judge to consider the golf course as a whole – not each small resource consent individually).

1 May 2013 – Water Take and Earthworks Resource Consent Applications
The developers have applied to take 795,000 litres of water per day from the Te Arai catchment for their golf course. This is as much water as it takes to run over 50 dairy farms. All for a private recreation facility.

20 April 2013 – Private Plan Change 166 on the move again
You may have seen the developers have tried to make out they have rights to 46 houses. They do NOT and only have the right to apply but there must be a clear environmental benefit, which we don’t think is the case here. There will be a public hearing soon and we will represent your views.

27 January 2012 – 2,250+ Submissions!
Thanks to all those that made a submission! The unofficial word is that there were over 2,250 submissions made. That’s 500 more than last time! Fantastic. Great to see your feelings haven’t changed – there can be no doubt as to what the people think of this proposal!

1 November 2011 – Submissions open!
…and closed!. It’s too late to submit against the plan to build a subdivision at Te Arai!
Closing date for submissions was 5:00 p.m. Monday 19th December 2011.

20 October 2011 – Auckland council defers ‘land for titles’ deal
The AC voted today to wait until after the public hearings to decide whether they will accept the land. This is great – now we need to show them how much opposition there is – Submissions will be opening soon.

18 October 2011 – Auckland council to accept a ‘land for titles’ deal?
Short version: The Auckland Council is voting in secret this Thursday whether to accept ‘in principle’ a “land for titles” deal at Te Arai.

More info: Unfortunately we have learned that the Auckland Council is going to vote in secret this Thursday whether to ‘in principle’ accept a gift of land from the developers at Te Arai in exchange for approving a subdivision. Not only is this completely unethical, because it is a BRIBE; but it is also a complete violation of the democratic process. All the Councilors that we have spoken to, and the Mayor, have repeatedly promised that the public will get a chance to have a say on this issue before they make a decision, but by going ahead with this vote in secret, they will effectively be making up their minds in advance of any public hearings on the issue. They are likely to still let the ‘public consultation process’ run, but having effectively decided in advance that they will accept the ‘gift’ in exchange for new subdivision rights. Apparently the staff in Council who are pushing it have recommended that the Councilors vote yes, and most of the Councilors are looking like they are going to vote in favour. We need as many people as possible to email the Councilors and say that they don’t want this to go ahead. We know from the feedback that we got last time that the emails do have an effect on the Councilors. In particular, we really need help hammering home a couple of points to the Councilors. The case that they have been hearing from the developers and the staff in Council pushing it contains some misinformation that is being used to twist the Councilor’s arms. We need them to hear this from as many people as possible. .
1 March 2010 – Planning process will undo our hard work?
We have recently found out that the developers have been involved in the District Plan process and have been successful in getting Rodney District Council to agree to changes in the Enhancement Planting rules that will effectively mean they they will get a subdivision of 48 lots in the Conservation zone. As we have always argued, this is NOT the place for a subdivision. At present only the Auckland Regional Council are holding out against this. We need to make sure they stand firm.
26 November 2009 – Pre-hearing conference: No appeal?
We went to an Environment Court pre-hearing conference today. Rodney District Council’s lawyer told the judge that there wasn’t a case to be heard. The reasoning? When the Council turned down the Zone Plan Change for the Operative (current) District Plan (ODP), they also withdrew the Variation to the Proposed District Plan (PDP). The developers could still appeal the decision – but only in the OPD which is soon to be retired as the PDP will become operative. The developers’ lawyers have cried foul and may seek a Judicial Review. We’ll keep you posted.
20 August 2009 – Developers Appeal
Today the developers have served notice that they will appeal the Council’s decision to the Environment Court. This has been expected as, though their arguments are weak (as fully examined by independent commissioners) their pockets are large. The Society will fight the appeal on behalf of the community. To help you can become a member or donate.
7 July 2009 – Council turns down proposal!
The Rodney District Council has has backed the recommendations of the Commissioners report to decline the Proposal! The full (5 Mb) report is online. The developers have 30 working days (approx 18th August) to lodge an appeal with the Environment Court.
11 March 2009 – Society speaks at Hearings
Today the Society had there time in the hearings. I spoke about the Soiciety’s background, aims etc and we had expert witnesses speaking about Planning Issues and Ecology. A commissioner asked me if we had canvassed the members to ask if they still opposed the development now it was down to 180 houses. I hadn’t officialy so I’m asking now: please fill in this survey (1 question,� 10 seconds).
6 November 2007 – 97% of Submissions against development
The Rodney District Council has produced a Summary of submissions (497k)that shows nearly 1,700 people took the time to write a submission opposing the plan change. This works out to over 97% of all submissions. What a fantastic effort – thanks to all that took this time!

Friday 8 June, 2007 10am Meeting with the Hon Chris Carter, the Conservation Minister at his electorate office at 300 Great North Road, Henderson, to present our petition. A successful meeting where the minister re-iterated the government’s willingness to buy the land but that they didn’t have “bottomless pockets”.

He hinted that a good showing of submissions would decrease the likelihood of the developers’ plans going ahead and therefore driving the price down!

Saturday, 26 May 2007 – our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Thanks to those that came a long – it was a good turn out. I will post the minutes when the come available.

Thursday 24 May 2007
We presented our 3000 approx. strong petition to a full council meeting of the Rodney District Council, and were able to present our views. The Mayor thanked us for coming but said that Councilors weren’t able to comment at this time as it may affect their right to vote on the proposal when the time comes.

4 April 2007

Today 2 members attended the RDC District Plan Committee Meeting in Orewa where the application by the developers was on the table requesting a private plan change.

It was a long and involved meeting and the outcome transpired that it has gone to private plan change which means the council is obliged to advertise for submissions within 4 months (probably will be much sooner).

This is a crucial time for us and the more submissions the council receives opposing the development, the more chance we have of protecting our coastline.

Prior to the meeting we sent an email to all RDC (District Plan committee members) urging them to reject the application for a plan change and also requesting them to nominate a time and place for us to present our petition.

We also requested to speak at the public forum on the 19 April which was turned down.

We emailed ARC with a request to present our petition which has met with a positive response.

It will have a better impact if as many members as possible could be present at these presentations of the petition.

We will inform you of dates and times as soon as these are known.

14 February 2006
We (the society’s secretary and I) had a meeting with Ewen Henderson last Saturday. Ewen is one of the principals of Darby Partners who are the Developers in partnership with Te Uri O Hau wanting to develop Te Arai.

He took us all over the site pointing out where they are planning to build houses (just about everywhere it seems) and telling us how “sensitive” the development is going to be.

He showed us a draft plan (that council have at present – see below) of the subdivisions that includes 1,400 houses, 2 campgrounds, a dozen shops, Lodge type accommodation with restaurant and a Golf Course.

To me it looked a far greater impact on the site than the 10% they were quoting at the Open Days they held. More like 60%. With a small “coastal park” down one end.

They have supposedly won DOC over by telling them the community will fund a full time officer there but how he’s going to make up for the disturbance created by thousands of extra people and their pollution is beyond me.

He has promised to send me a copy of the plan but I haven’t received it yet. I will pass it around if he lets me.

It was rather depressing to say the least to see just how extensive their plans are. All the more reason for us to be heard!

Pass this message on. The more people that know the better You can get updates like this sent directly to you by sending signing up to our email list… .

9 November 2005
Darby Partners (the developers) have sent a proposal to the Rodney District Council and have asked then to “adopt” it.

If the Council does adopt the proposal, it will be as if the Council themselves had proposed the change to the plan and this would mean a much tougher fight for us.

At present the Council have sent the proposal for “analysis” by consultants. The consultants are supposed to notify any interested parties and get their opinion. Unfortunately we as a group are not guaranteed of this, but I am doing my best to make sure we are heard. I have asked for a copy of the proposal from both the Council and Darby partners but have heard nothing from either. If anyone gets a copy, be sure to pass it on if you are able.

What happens next? The analysis is expected to take a “couple of months”. At the end of that time a report is given to Council recommending to adopt, or not. The Council can then take the recommendation or not. If they don’t adopt then the developers will submit a Private Plan Change. Either way we will get to submit against the change but there is less opportunity if the Council adopts.

So what should we be doing now? Officially we can’t do anything (unless we are consulted as part of the analysis) until the proposal is publicly notified (either adopted by the Council or as a Private Plan Change) however, now is the time to let your Councilors know that the community does not want this development . Councilors are politicians, politicians don’t want to be voted out, and if they feel that the majority of people don’t want the development, they will not adopt it. There is a list of councilors and their contact details here:

Give them a ring, drop them an email, or do both.

Also, write a letter to the paper today – let them know how you feel about the council adopting the plan.

Pass this message on. The more people that know the better You can get updates like this sent directly to you by sending a blank email to signing up to our email list… .